Its normall in learing JS?

Whether in learnig basic JavaScript normall is common clashing at the wall on do mini-projects about functions and that must to look ofen on helping video to go on , or this is symptom already on the start telling about lack of predisposition to programming?

Anyway or this learning method, with quick glanc into video when i stuck and writing code have sense and give me some?
I don’t have good knowledge syntax right now and offen i don’t having idea where to start in the exercise and i stamming…

HI @sprytnysok56 !

Most people struggle to learn JavaScript.
For a lot of beginners it is their first programming language.

It will requires a shift in thinking and a lot of time and practice before things start to make sense.

Just take it day by day
When you get stuck on a challenge, reach out to the forum for help and the forum will guide you through the understanding of the problem.

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