It's simple, but it works! Please be brutal with your feedback on my first iteration of the weather app challenge! 😜


Special thanks to @Nims for helping me discover :smile:

Please view using https.

Your’s works. It looks nice and clean. :grin:

Yep it works here :thumbsup:

Congrats man, looks good. It’s great having community support. @jenovs was the one who told me about the cross origin proxy :slight_smile:

Since you asked for brutal feedback :wink: : if I deny to share my location, there is a ‘Permission denied’ message, but the rest of the page still shows ‘Loading…’.

Maybe you could hide the rest of the page and leave a more descriptive error message. Or you could use a default location to show. E.g. Amsterdam. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

simple is good. i like it.:blush:

Very interesting.
Your app said that i am in Altona. This is not really near from my location :smiley:
But the converting to Celsius is working.