It's starting to make sense! My first full stack app coming together! MEAN stack!

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I still have to refine and add onto some features (probably will work on it after the design stuff is done) but the main part is out of the way! Looks boring right now, I know but I’m so excited to show you guys my design for this app too! First, I’m gonna dive deeper into Sass next. Another month or so, and hopefully I have this done! :smiley:

Edit: Added a search feature! This is so satisfying! :grin:


@bradtaniguchi please tell me what you think! No matter how bad. Lol. Just remember I just started learning Angular 2 months ago. :crazy_face:

Awesome! Thanks for the links, I’ll check it out :smiley:

Right now I assume you want feedback in this thread right? I could also open PR’s on github itself (get a little open source practice going as a maintainer :wink: ) for issues that would make good PR work aswell. I could also just PM you my concerns if you prefer, but its up to you!

I’ll post back once I get around to reviewing what you got :slight_smile:

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Oh snap… I’m a little nervous. Haha. Thank you! Feedback is fine wherever. Idk if it’ll benefit others if you post here but you can if that is easier to keep up with. Your choice. :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually didn’t know what you meant by PR till I googled it. Anyway, that’d be cool! Hope I don’t take too much of your time. Thanks a bunch! :blush:

PR is short for Pull Request, which github uses to more or less “request changes” to a repository. It’s more or less a way for people on open source projects to get/request/handle changes to a given repository.

So for example, lets say I found a typo in your website, I can fix it, and open a pull request in your repo with the changes so you (or any maintainer, or anyone) to review and if accepted it would be merged into your repo.

If your new to PRs and the “github flow”, I recommend looking into it. Here is githubs guide for it:

You will need to have a good idea of the basics of git, and a little about how github works. Like the term PR is a github term, not a git feature for example :slight_smile:

I probably will open issue son your repository with any feedback, so you can tackle them personally or someone (including me) could open a PR to make the changes for you :smile:

Would be great practice for anyone/everyone involved :slight_smile:


I had a vague idea of how pull requests worked but I haven’t actually tried to do it on someone else’s repo, only ever on mine when I make the MIT license on the website. LOL. I’ll take as much practice I can get. Thank you again! ^^

I opened 3 issues that are more generic to the overall project than any direct feedback.
I skimmed through the code and it looks like the logic is pretty sound, very impressive for just starting out a few months ago :+1:. I do see lots of places for optimizations, and best practices.

For example I often see the isLoading flags placed through-out the code being assigned before and after making http calls. These flags wont work as expected if your network is super slow. So when you call updateUser in the service, you subscribe in the method call in the service. This unintended side-effect of this approach is the loading flag will be set as fast instantly after you call the method, regardless of how slow/fast your network call is.
Usually your services that call the network need to return an Observable, so the component can subscribe to it. This way, the you can change the loading flag after the network call “comes back”.

I’ll still try to open some PRs, but I would like to run the project locally to make sure I don’t mess anything up haha, but I can’t run it locally yet so I opened an issue for that.

Finally I noticed the server code is still written in JS. You could go and change it all to typescript to make everything TS, which always helps with scaling a large codebase, and allows you to share code/types between the client and server (yay!)

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Hey Brad, thanks so much again for checking out my work!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And thank you for the compliment! I have to ascribe it to FCC and some great Udemy courses out there. :grin: And I totally agree. I’m sure years from now, I will look at my code and laugh. Lol.

And I see… That’s definitely a detail a noob like me could easily overlook. Thank you! I will redo those parts.

As for running it locally… I don’t have the config.env file on the repo, so that could be a reason why ‘replace’ of undefined. I had initially thought you could just do a PR without needing the backend stuff but that was so silly of me. So do you require me to expose my config.env file to enable you to use my app locally?

Yes! That would be a work in progress definitely. I actually finished the backend before I even learned anything TS related. I plan to take a TS course after I finish this app. :kissing_closed_eyes:

Thanks for being so supportive! :hugs:

Added a search feature! Wow! It’s amazing how MongoDB allowed for such easy feature… I didn’t have to do much problem solving.