Its time for my Tribute page

This is my first time to write here and first my project. Please write all my mistake, because I come here to learn.

Hi, I like you page. The spacing and layout of the images and timeline bullets looks great.

I would put his name as the Header. The quote should be under that as a subheading. And the dates where they are as they are. You want to showcase who you are making the tribute for.

Check your grammar and spelling on the subheading: “Then The Dreams Come True…
Thirst Moon Walk”

I think you can take out the first word, and make the Dream singular.
I also think it was the First Moon Walk. Otherwise it says he was Thirsty and that could be a totally different story.

It’s ok for these bullets to hold smaller paragraphs. Separate the different sentences so they don’t run into each other. Also take another look at your spacing. Bold takes a little bit of space and they can sometimes blend in to the previous word.

At your footer: I would like to know more about this great person…

Overall you are off to a great start. I hope this helps…

Thanks, for all your comments. I know I can make few grama mistakes because English is not my native language.

That’s ok. If you have an English speaking friend who can edit your work, it helps a lot.

When I’m concerned about content, I will place the text into a Word document and put on Spell-check and Grammar check. It will usually catch most of my errors.

Please have a look at mine page and give your feedback

This is a very well done tribute!
I like the way you separated the childhood and career.

Under the hero image, your caption needs a space: Paul Walker (thanking

Your timeline container can be about 10% wider.
You only need to bold the titles. All of the others can be regular weight.

Leave a space between each bullet. You can also separate bullets sentence to form a new mini-paragraph.

For instance:

  • He was born as Paul William Walker IV on September 12, 1973, in Glendale, California, U.S.A.
    His mother, Cheryl Crabtree, was a fashion model. His father, Paul William Walker III, was a sewer contractor and a fighter.
    He had four younger siblings.

  • He began modeling as a toddler and starred in a television commercial for Pampers.
    As he grew up, he began taking up (remover “up”) roles in television series such as ‘Charles in Charge’, ‘Highway to Heaven’ and ‘Who’s the Boss’.

Unbold the date: ‘Varsity Blues’ (1999),

I would remove the numbers from the list of Award & Achievements. I would also turn the & into an and.
You have kept the date order which is great. Instead the numbers, you may want to make the line-height: 1.5em. This gives a slight break between the lines. Also, you were correct to bold the dates on this list.

I hope this helps.

Thankyou so much for your valuable feedback, it would be great if you tell me that why <blockquote></blockquote> is not working?
Earlier it was but right now it ain’t.

You are using the footer class twice but I do not see the style for it.
I don’t think you need the first footer.
Also I noticed that your p class is text centered. Does that throw off the blockquote?