I've been offered a 3 month fixed term contract


Some good news! After first dipping my toes into coding early last year, I have been offered a 3 month fixed term contract with a company. I have a call with them on Thursday and was just looking to get some ideas on what to ask/expect during the call (outside of the obvious regarding the remuneration etc), and if anyone else has had experience of anything similar. Just wanted to make sure I’m prepared, but I’m not exactly sure what I’m supposed to be preparing for if that makes sense haha.



Congrats! Sounds like you’re a bit nervous! Don’t worry and just have your laptop open in front of you so that you can
1- take notes
2- look up any words you don’t understand

Although I don’t have this experience to draw upon, I’m guessing it is someone you are likely to work with who is just calling to discuss details of the job or requirements that they still need.

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Cheers, yeah I am rather nervous about it all. Just overthinking it most likely.


Looking forward to hearing how it went tomorrow! Not trying to make u more nervous or anything… :wink:

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Well done! Interviews over the phone tend to be a “about you/about us” session. They are generally quite informal but a tip I learned is that if during the conversation they mention a particular software/language they’ve used/are using and you’ve experience of it then be sure to throw it into the chat. It’s all about what you can do for them. Best of luck!

Hello! How’d your phone call go? As expected?

Hey there,

It went really well, thanks. Sounds like a really good opportunity. They are planning to send the contract over tomorrow and I am going to accept. I start in a few weeks.

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