I've created a simple BlackJack game and would love some feedback

I’ve been practicing JS for about 3 weeks and after getting inspired by the Javascript programming course I’ve decided to put my skills to the test. The game itself is nothing special, and the code is far from optimised, however it does what I intended for it to do and I built it without copying any code. Please let me know if you have any ideas how I could improve it.

game link: http://noncomposmentis.tech/home/blackjack/blackJack.html

It looks nice. Some obvious improvement might be adding ability to play multiple rounds and keep some overall score.

Timing probably could use some tuning. It feels like dealer is playing almost instantly. On the other hand, sometimes it seems the result of game is displayed before all dealer’s cards are placed on the table.

There might be some issue with scoring, shouldn’t these have ace scored as 11?

Thanks for your reply.

The dealer is not playing instantly. Once the players presses “STAND”, the game generates two cards and then uses recursive function until it reaches 17/21 or busts. I have no idea how to slow it down to make it look more like a human player.

As for the aces I had their value set as either 10 or 1, so that’s why the scoring was off.

Use timer recursively.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think the dealer should get two cards, with one turned over, before the player has to decide whether they want to hit or stand. You’re not playing against 21, you’re playing against the dealer, so you should be able to see one of the dealers cards in order to help you make your decision.

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