I've finished learning till arrays in javascript, what should I do now?

I’m wondering what should I do now. Can you throw some practice problems/exercises to practice at this level? I’m not in position to solve highly complex data structures programs imo.

I’ll be learning about strings today.

I would suggest you complete the Basic JavaScript section for freeCodeCamp’s JS curriculum

Then you will probably have the baseline knowledge to start working on the first few projects in these resources

I would also suggest continuing your JavaScript education with the rest of freeCodeCamp’s JS certification to give you a healthy starting foundation. Then you can build projects on your own for extra practice.


I’m learning web development are those projects worth it for me?

How confident are you with HTML and CSS, before starting to build projects with JS ?

I suggest try to build few projects just with HTML & CSS from Frontend Mentor | Challenges

If you feel comfortable enough, then jump into building projects with JS

I’m not very comfortable with html and css projects.

Then for now forget about JS totally, until and unless you’re able to build projects with HTML and CSS, there is no point learning JS. You’re going into tutorial hell without achieving anything.

Without building projects; there is no way you can build you coding muscles in brain aka mind.

Yes. In order to be a web developer, you need solid JS skills.

I’ve built 1 website using only html and css already though.

I wouldn’t worry about getting perfect with HTML, CSS, or anything else. I think moving on is good. If you want, you can toy with little web pages on the side for fun, but keep moving - that would be my advice.

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while building bit more complex projects involving JS, you will definitely need solid understanding of HTML and CSS; without that you will feel frustrated and demotivated.

This is from my own experiences of 2021, where I wasted whole year just learning, following along YT videos and not actually building projects.

In the end this path worked for me well; it’s upto you to decide and move forward

I don’t see how I can do frontendmentor challenges getting started seems tough. Is there some kind of guidance towards it? Also please share your journey of how you overcame fear of html and css.

Practice & patience & repeat this 100 times till you are comfortable.

  1. Learn HTML and CSS from FCC
  2. Start building projects from FM.

Everyone has got their own pace to learn and gain confidence. Don’t compare with others but yourself of yesterday, if you’re making daily progress then it’s good enough.

I encourage you to read through all the posts from “You can do this” topic to gain motivation.

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