I've finished my tribute page

I would be greatful, if you have a time to check my tribute page and give me some feedback before I send it. Here’s a link


I like the font you’ve chosen, but I think you overdid the line height a bit. Works clean on mobile. Lacks originality and some color elements would be nice in my opinion.

Good job in general


Thank you for answering.
Actually I didn’t think clear how it will be look on mobile devices thank you for reminding.
And I want to ask what do you mean with lacks originality? Do you mean the similarity with example tribute page that curriculum gave us?
Finally with what kind of color elements I can enrich my page?

Hi there,

great work so far, I like it!

My ideas:

  • your CSS code looks a little bit chaotic, you can format it by clicking on the arrow in your code window and hit Format CSS

Keep up the good work!

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I did it you said and my codes look way more organized then before thanks a lot.

Yes, it looks quite similar to the example.

Here’s one example of using color for this challenge: https://snigo.github.io/vanilla-muffins/tribute-page/index.html

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I liked using “h” tags for dates and other also color elements . Thank you, I’m gonna try different styles and I’ll try to be more original.

I really liked that you made the HTML quite semantic. Figure, figcaption, article, section and the blockquote. Good job! :clap: :clap:

The other thing I really liked is the 550px max width you put on your “ul” under the #tribute-info section. It makes the text clean, quite readable, and it just looks good. :clap: :clap:
I found it a bit strange that you then put 540px max width on the blockquote following that. (Wouldn’t it be easier to put a max-width on the entire section instead?)

One more thing: Overall It is a very nice work, I applaud you. Something to keep in mind is that it is a good practice to put a max-width on the entire site to look consistent. Some usual values are 1400px, 1100px or lower. In your case even 550px on the whole page would be nice I guess. The reason is, if you have let’s say some text, and the viewer has a quite wide monitor (<1800px) then if you don’t have a max-width on the page, the text will just span across the width of their screen, which isn’t readable at all.

If you pay some attention while browsing, you will see, that the content of a page generally don’t span across the width of the page on a wide monitor, but is restrained by a max-width. For example inspect this site it’s content has an 1100px max-width to it WITH the sidebar. If you don’t have a sidebar, you can go even lower than that.

Your second blockquote styling looks really good, why don’t you use the same for the first one? It would be good for consistency sake. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for answering.
I’ll try to use max-width tag more and proper, and I’ll be more careful about consistency of my pages.
I’ll also review the website you link to, it seems very useful thank you again, have a nice day.