I've gone back to touch up and update my tribute page Debbie Allen

Feedback please.

I’m at the same level in the course as yourself, so take my words lightly…

The Good: You’ve got all the details you need for the project in there. You stuck to Bootstrap better than most.

The Bad: Needs more orderliness… The photo is too big. The quotes should be aligned better so they don’t edge on the left side of screen. I feel like you need something to describe the highlights. The two sentences down at the bottom need to be reworked too.

Thank you
I’ve been out of the coding loop for a few weeks and had to refresh by going through the course again because I wanted to do just that. Center my list and add padding. I also want to add a picture to my background but still struggling.
Thank you for your feedback!

You’re welcome. Learning to code is like learning a foreign language. If I miss a day of French study, now I’m doubling up on review material before I learn something new. It’s no different with coding. The more days you miss, the more review material there is to go over before you can advance again. This can become a vicious cycle if it never becomes a daily habit. I’ve been there, and given up in the past so I know.

I agree and it is a challenge I look forward to!