I've just finished Portfolio project .Please give me a feedback

This is my second project I will appreciate it if you feedback my project .
My portfolio Thanks in advanced.:relaxed:

なぜ1%? :soccer: :cold_sweat:

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Looks really good zeandave.

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It’s so hard .Now,I haven’t completed katakana yet :cold_sweat:

Thanks :relaxed::blush:

Looks good, I would just suggest to maybe change the font to something more legible in your “About Me” Section.

Other than that, Keep on coding!! :slight_smile:

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The first jumbotron looks great. You have misspelled “Portfolio” though.

The progress bars are fun and look good. But do they really communicate your skills? There is no such thing as knowing a programming language 100%. It doesn’t communicate what you actually have done with your C and Java programming skills.

The link to the tribute page is very blurred.

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Hi. Not bad at all! You should only simplify your colors palette. To customize the colors of the progress bars you could use the bootstrap progress bar designer tool.

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