I've just got my offer letter!

Hi all,

My name is Alice. I’ve just got my first front-end developer offer!! I benefit a lot from this community and I hope my experience could also help or encourage other people!!

I am from Taiwan and moving to London years ago. My background is psychology. From natural language to programming language, I didn’t see I have any advantages that can let me get a place in developer job market in London. However, I take my courage and making decision!!

I started to learn HTML/CSS/JS/REACT from around November of 2017. I started to find a position no matter internship or job to get more experience. Then, after 6 months of job hunting, I finally got my first offer!!!

Things I feel useful while learning and job hunting

  • Head First JavaScript Programming: There are lots of classic books of JavaScript. However, most of them were hard to understand for me when I’d just started to learn. This book clearly explains important concepts in a easy to understand way.

  • Do projects: I felt myself learnt more and faster while doing a project. It requires me do really understand and combine concepts you’ve learnt.

  • Work as an intern: Different from doing a own project, there are lots of things I need to know in a real world, from understanding other people’s code, setting up your developing environment, collaborating with others and many edge cases or situations that I rarely consider while doing my own projects.

  • Agents: there’re two agents I met helped me a lots while job hunting. I don’t think I could get the interview opportunities without their help. I didn’t know them before. Following is their LinkedIn:

  1. Alix: linkedin.com/in/alix-trought-b1810287
  2. Nathan Davies : n.davies@sourcifictalent.co.uk
  • Don’t give up: Last and the most important. Sounds like an useless advice. However, it saved me from depression each time I got a rejection after an interview.

Hope you find my post helpful!!!



I wish you the best for the future :+1:

Congratulations indeed!

I am so happy for you my dear. Thank you for your encouragement and All the best

That’s amazing! Good for you!