I've pretty much given up

I’ve been bashing my head against this since 2009 when I started out with my degree, I managed to graduate during a recession and never got an intern placement.

Now I never had the experience to get a role, the passion for it is gone, I suck at math and Im going more and more into debt stuck in temp job to temp job.

I’m 30 now and i think overall im done with life.

If this is a serious cry for help then you need to contact a professional. A forum for coders isn’t going to help you.

But if you were just venting frustrations over life in general, we’ve all been there. What was your degree in?


Media and animation , everything from 3dmax to actionscript

Same, dude. After being the 114th applicant to a “junior developer” job that paid $12.50/hr and required Angular, Express, Node, MongoDB, and Django, I took it as the canary in the coalmine that the market is way too oversaturated with devs trying to get in. I’ve been redoing my resume over and over, modelling it after people who have gotten jobs without a degree or experience and being self-taught but hardly ever land interviews, and even then it’s never enough. I’ve moved twice to different states that had better job markets than where I lived (where I lived, there was literally NOTHING for devs). It’s soul crushing, which sucks because I like programming and working with code and computers, but I don’t think I’m ever going to anymore because I don’t know anyone who will get me into a company. I’m thinking about becoming an electrician instead, and either way, I’m just trying to go home to my hometown. I miss it, and I’m tired of spinning my wheels getting nowhere. I’ve found literally every piece of advice and tried to leverage everything I can to get in, front-door, back-door, hitting people up on LinkedIn just to try to buy them a coffee and pick their brain and meet people in the industry, it’s just a waste of time.

Don’t do this if you want a job. Do it because you like programming and making stuff, that’s the only way this will be worth it.

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Where do you live, and where have you tried looking? I’m 17 and live in CO, and would like to go into a coding boot camp, but I’ve always been told that the market always paid well and that although there is a lot of competition, there is always enough space for new devs.