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// Only change code below this line
var a = 7;
var b = 20;
var c = c + "I am a String!";
// Only change code above this line

a = a + 1;
b = b + 5;
c = c + " String!";

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Challenge: Understanding Uninitialized Variables

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Look at this line:
var c = c + "I am a String!";

When you see this line of code, you have to put yourself in the interpreter shoes. The interpreter is the machine who will execute this code. It can be the browser or a terminal.

When Mr. Interpreter comes and see this line, it will first split it in every operation’s operand. So it will result in something like this:

1. var c 
2. c 
3. "I am a String!"

Mr. Interpreter will think: “Ohh! He is trying to store some values in the variable c”.

Mr. Interpreter will first resolve WHAT are you trying to store in the c variable.

c + "I am a String!";

The first thing it will see it’s a “c” variable, and will try to resolve it to its value. But, oh no!, the c variable doesn’t exist yet!.
Therefore, the brain of Mr. Interpreter will explode in a thousand of pieces and die.

To save Mr. Interpreter life, remove the initialized variable from there:

var c = "I am a String!";

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