J. Cole Tribute Page - Feedback Welcomed

Hi, guys!

Just got around to finishing my first project - the tribute page.

Please take a look and let me know what you think. Suggestions and feedback are always welcomed.

Material studied to get here:

  1. FCC (up until "Basic Front End Development Projects)
  2. Colt Steele’s “Web Developer Bootcamp” (Sections 1 through 7)
  3. Udacity’s “Intro to HTML and CSS”
  4. Udacity’s “Responsive Images”
  5. Wes Bos’ Flexbox Course
  6. Various other “minor” guides and tutorials (Youtube videos included) I stumbled upon when searching for solutions to the various issues I encountered.


PS I plan to update the project as I learn new things or when I get new ideas.

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Your project looks like great!
One suggestion, the titles “albums” and “mixtapes”, are more visible with the centralized alignment.

Anyway, Nice job!

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