J. R. R. Tolkien Tribute

Hi Everybody,

I would really appreciate some feedback on my first project, thanks!

Seem like the picture doesn’t work. Please check the link of the picture. I’m a big fan of the lord of the rings. Nice work. Keep it up

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You must host your images some other web hosting then imgur. Codepen does not work with imgur.

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Thanks for letting me know, I have updated the original post - hopefully works now.

Looks good to me. I can’t see any errors in your code. Also, excellent choice of tribute subject.

Two questions: Why did you decide to style the body rather than the main div that your content is inside? Why did you use an id for “wiki” when you use classes elsewhere? I don’t know much about best practices but it was just something I noticed.

Good luck with your next project. Maybe try to push yourself with a more complex layout for your portfolio page. This will also force you to grapple with responsive design.

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Thanks for the feedback!

If I’m honest I have no good reason for using the body element to style the main content instead of the div - when using tutorials prior to this it’s always been the body so I guess it’s just a force of habit.

With regards to the #wiki - originally I did use a class but when I was changing styles elsewhere on the page I kept making changes on that line which I didn’t want. The id was used to stop that happening.

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“Because I saw it in a tutorial” is still my explanation for a lot of design choices I make if I’m being honest. :joy:

You could use the body for background-color and then put the other styles on the main div using a class. You would have to reset the div’s natural margin though. I’m not honestly sure if this is “best practice” or just my own stylistic prejudices so don’t sweat it.

Here it doesn’t really make a difference whether you use a class or an id for wiki but if you later want to use JavaScript on a page be conscious that they require different JS methods to select and manipulate them.