James Avery Survey Form

Codepen Survey Form

I completed my first project on FCC, the survey form. I decided to create a survey for James Avery, one of my favorite jewelry companies. I appreciate any feedback you have on my project!

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Congrats on completing your first project!

The survey form is good for a beginner.

I would suggest you improve the colours and the submit button could have been made better.
Looks like you gave a big border-radius, I like one’s which have less radius.(Its just personal opinion of mine )
You could also add a bottom border.

Overall, it’s a good project I would rate it 7/10 for a beginner(7 is a good score according to my ratings).

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Thanks! Re: the colors, I picked them based on the colors James Avery uses in their branding (plus, the light beige background, which is the same color as their jewelry bags). I also styled my text to get close to that as well. You can find more info about that here.

Thank you for the input on the button and the bottom border. I’ll consider your suggestions for my next project.