Java challenge 3 failed to be approved

Am stuck here, challenge doesn’t seem to be correct, I can’t go to the next challenge. Please help

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// Only change code above this line.
// We use this function to show you the value of your variable in your output box.
// You'll learn about functions soon.
var myName="Mercy"
if(typeof(myName) !== "undefined"){(function(v){return v;})(myName);}

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You should declare myName with the var keyword, ending with a semicolon

I did that, can you show me an example please?

Your code has the following line

var myName = "Mercy" 

Note that there is no semicolon at the end.

You can check the second screen shot

Ah I see, you should not give myName a value.

I don’t understand you,
What am I supposed to do?
Please give me an example here. Am still stuck