Java console which to use

In the introduction to JS, we are told we can open our browser based console by using F12, or use the built-in console. It is not clear to me whether this is a choice or preference or simply an introduction? I am not sure how I am supposed to proceed connecting the 2 if not using the built in browser? is this where it is also possible to use mark up in a text-editor?

first, Java is not JavaScript

the editor console has its limitation, as its an emulation of a console, while the browser console could be confusing if you use it as other than the output from your code would get anything that is logged from all the rest of the freeCodeCamp page. You can use the browser console to write and execute javascript for testing small snippets, for example

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so use the emulation

you could, yes, but it’s important you familiarise yourself with the browser console too

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i see. It has changed as well in how it tells you something is wrong. If the Javascript is wrong it wont respond to “ctrl+enter” and you look at the console and shows the error. Its fine I was just confused if it was telling you to use the browser one or was just making an example of it. thank you!