Java Developer Salary By Proficiency Levels

From curiosity, how much to earn an initial level java dev / programmer? I’m guessing 50K? In addition, what do you think, what amount of knowledge should an entry-level candidate have?

This varies dramatically based on many factors: location, background, industry type, company size, and so on. Tools like Glassdoor can help you figure out those answers in your area.

Yes, it really depends on many factors.Depending on how good you are.Java developer = 35k-50k approximately nowadays.Software company prefer local coder, as when things go haywire, we’ll still be able to contact the guy and outsource him/her the maintenance. Read this article here to say how much earn Java developer in different countries.

Let’s take into account the location - salaries in the US are much higher than in Europe (except Switzerland). For instance, junior Java dev in Portugal gets about $18,500 while in the US he/she will get $86,500. There is a table comparing salaries in different countries according to seniority level here - ht tps://