Java Development Career Advice

Hi all,

I genuinely need a career advice on my path to being a Java Developer.

I posses basic to intermediate Java programming skills and has never been involved in a project and full SDLC.

I have just started working in a telecommunications company as a Java Developer where I have to handle 4 existing applications in terms of maintenance and support and also enhancements.

The issue is I am not in any way involved in the coding aspect (outsourced to offshore personnel) and instead tasked with gathering business requirements, designing and review.

Is this beneficial to my career progression in software development where I am not involved at all in the programming aspect?

I am concerned that I don’t have project experience or at least one full SDLC where I developed an application from start to finish.

Thank you very much

It seems odd that you would be hired into a roll as a “Java Developer” and then not actually write any Java code. Have you spoken to your manger about career progression and expectations? If this job isn’t what you want to do, then I suggest using this time to build up your expertise and experience. The fact that the title is “Java Developer” and you are at least involved in the development process should mean something when you apply for other jobs. In the mean time, work on a project in your own time. Either become a regular contributor to an Open Source project that you care about, or begin making something for yourself. Focus on a problem that you can solve with computing, rather than just something to do. Having an end product that you actually want to use makes a huge difference.