Java:JPA many to many and many to one for one object

Good evening
I am having trouble mapping my database
The database looks like below


and my entites



public class Event {



private int id_ev;

private String title_ev;


`private Employe employeId;`



`name = "Participer",`

`joinColumns = {@JoinColumn(name = "id_evenement") },`

`inverseJoinColumns = {@JoinColumn(name = "id_employe") })`

`List<Employe> employes=new ArrayList<Employe>();`

//getters and setters



public class Employe {

@ManyToMany(cascade = { CascadeType.ALL },mappedBy="employes")

List<Event> Event=new ArrayList<Event>();

//getters and setters

everything works very well but when I insert in the table participer and i want to display all the events it gives me an error

i think the problem is that i have two object employe used in the same table but it is necessary because an employee can create a lot of events and participate on many events.

And thanks for your help