Java learning with FreeCodeCamp

Hi, is it possible to learn Java with FreeCodeCamp?

I did not find it on the map.

Thanks a lot.


Currently Iā€™m learning java and freecodecamp has been very useful and Learn Java has also helped me alot and I can find many courses at coderforevers.

FCC has no Java program. We teach JavaScript, but that is a different language from Javascript.


The University of Helsinky has a free Java MOOC in english:

I have not personally tried the course, but it usually comes up whenever people ask for recommendations about learning java. Since it is free, you can give it a try and see if it suits you.

(edit: and now I see that the original post was 7 months ago :confused: )

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I tried it and it was great. Getting the assignments done is a little bit annoying because of very specific requirements (but this is what happens when you use a program to do the marking) and the final assignments were a little underwhelming (a little bit too much hand-holding), but a great source overall.