Java script and date stuctures

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** ```
var myVar;
myVar = 5;
var myNum;
myNum = myVar;


// Setup
var a;
a = 7;
var b;

// Only change code below this line
var b = 7;

a = 5; // The variable 'a' is equal to 5

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Challenge: Assigning the Value of One Variable to Another

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Hi @ramdubey !

We don’t hand out full solutions on the forum.
Instead, we help guide posters to the correct solution.
For future posts, please be more descriptive on what you need help with.

I would suggest reseting the lesson.
Your answer only needs to be one line.
The task is to assign the contents of variable a to b.

It would help to look at the FCC example again and understand how it works.

// Setup
var myVar;
myVar = 5;
var myNum;

// this line of code assigns the contents of myVar to myNum
myNum = myVar;

Hope that helps!

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