Java script as alternative for HTML or CSS?

Hey there, I’m Gaby and new here :blush: . I like this site and forum because it’s very helpful and free when is about programming. I thought it’s going to cost me to learn to program until found you =) I started this before a few mounts and I’m no expert (yet) =) And I would like to know if javascript could be an alternative to HTML or CSS for a simple website (without cookies or any complicated things)? And if yes, how? Would it be a good idea or a waste of time?

JS can’t be an alternative

but you can use JS to build your html and css, check DOM manipulation topic

or for something more complex, frameworks like React, Angular, Vue

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You need both. HTML is the markup language that puts things on the screen. JavaScript is the language that connects a website to data and makes it interactive.

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Thanks, can you give me a link ?

Ok, I’ve got this… so the right question is if I can combine them ?

you can find about it on any documentation website

freeCodeCamp teaches jQuery (a library) and then React (a framework)

for vanilla JS DOM manipulation, you can find it direcrly on documentation websites like the MDN or DevDocs

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Yes. They are used together to make websites.

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