Java script learning

how do I learn java programming real quick and easy?

So which is it? Your topic title says Java script, while the post itself says java. Two very different languages.

For the first, Free Code Camp is a great place to learn javascript, as well as HTML, CSS, Node and other useful technologies.

There are similar resources for Java, but Free Code Camp is not one. And I suspect you’ll find that most online java courses will be fee-based. Not all, but most.

I meant Java programming

So Udemy, CodeCademy, etc - there are other resources around that will provide online learning of Java.

In fact, this post seems pretty comprehensive:

Ok thanks… I’m actually confused right now

Why’s that? It’s not uncommon to be confused about the difference between javascript (formally known as ECMAScript) and Java. They are two different, unrelated languages.

I’m confused on which platform to learn Java programming

I think I’ll go for CodeCademy