Java script learning?

Plss can anyone tell from where i can learn javascript from beginning.
I have passed several test in javascript but could not understand anything.

You don’t understand “anything”? I don’t think you can pass “several test in javascript” and not understand anything.

Perhaps we could give better advice is you could be more clear. Can you give an example of something you feel you should understand but don’t?

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Ok you can start using the mimo app . Teaches javascript but we’ll enough for you to understand the basics but not to an advanced level.
I also finished from there before joining freecode amp.

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I’ve never used the mimo App. But if people want to learn from multiple sources, that’s great. I think it is good to learn from more than one source - each time you hear it it cements in a little better and maybe a different perspective can be enlightening.

For me, FCC was a good framework, but I also googled a lot of things and if there was something that was confusing me I’d look for blogs or youtube videos to help.

If the OP is having difficulties, then that is fine (and normal). I just don’t think that “could not understand anything” is productive. I don’t know - if that was just hyperbole for our benefit, that’s one thing, but he needs to be honest with himself.

When I was a music teacher, I always used to say, “figure out what you’re worst at and work on that until that is one of your strengths, then find the ‘new’ worst thing…”. I would suggest that if the OP can pass “several test in javascript”, then he has core knowledge. There may be specific things that are holding him back. I would suggest to identify those, make a list, and start chipping away at them. If he wants, he can ask in this forum - that would be great. But questions that are specific tend to get much better answers in quality and quantity. If there is some JS concept that is holding him back, then I’m sure there are plenty of people that would offer to help out.

Furthermore, if his complaint is that he understand JS but doesn’t understand how to use it for a web page, then I’d find some code along videos where someone builds a web site with whatever flavor of JS he is most comfortable.


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