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Happy to join the community and thank you for allowing me to join your community, appreciated. I signed up as a new member. Want to learn JavaScript. After signing up the first lesson page displayed was: HTML Basic. How can I start learning JavaScript or I have to learn with HTML first? Please advice and provide guidance. Thank you in anticipation.


Go here and just scroll down to “Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures Certification (300 hours)”

You can learn Js without knowing any HTML, but HTML/CSS is necessary if you want to make create text and visuals in your browser. Also the lessons on FCC curriculum are a good place to start.

Hi Lasjorg, thank you for the prompt reply, appreciated. I clicked on it and saw the lessons. I am not good at math (because it said Algorithm). I know only basic math. Do I have to learn algorithm before learning JavaScript. I know only basic computer stuff.

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Vijay S,

You’ll learn algorithms as part of the process of learning a programming language, and Javascript is no exception. However, FCC does not include a curriculum on algorithms per se, so you’d do well to supplement your education on those. I highly recommend the Khan Academy course on algorithms.

Hi Alkapwn3d
Thank you for the prompt reply. Appreciated. Where can I find: lessons on FCC curriculum (mentioned in your replied email). Can you please guide me. Is there any FAQ page where everything is explained. Because I can read myself and not bother Good hearted community members with my ignorant questions. I have only basic knowledge of computer and math is not my favorite dish from the learning menu.

Your advice and guidance in this matter are truly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my query.

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Vijay S,

only basic algebra is necessary. just problem solving in general is what can be tough

This is the FCC curriculum:

Click on the lesson you want to start on - in your case I imagine the first one of the JavaScript certificate - and go from there

Or here:

Instead HTML/CSS are at the top of the curriculum