JavaFX how to load table+data into tab in TabPane?

I am building an MVC compliant test bed for my own project and I am having problems with the GUI layer using JavaFX.
My environment = Windows10 + JavaFX in e(fx)clipse + Scene Builder.
Directory structure = BorderPane (rootNode) -> BorderPane -> TabPane (in center of 2nd BorderPane)
My code loads an empty table, when I try to load the hard-coded test data into the table, I get an NPE.
I can load the test bed onto GitHub for review if it is more convenient for you. MVC architecture makes for a lot of codes, just give me the word.

Any hint and help would be greatly appreciated.

Additional Detail:
I can load table and data IF the directory is only 1-level deep, but that would make for very messy, unmaintainable codes. Using MVC the test bed needs at least 3 levels, possibly more. I am missing something here when I try to load table+data, possibly one or more steps.