JavaScript Add Methods After Inheritance challenge

The challenge doesn’t seem to be working anymore. Pressing “Run the Tests” gives no feedback.

@mgh0, Already tried refreshing your browser?

I’ve tried to complete the challenge from 2 different computers and with 3 different browsers (Mozilla, Chrome and Edge). The other challenges work just fine.

I moved your question to a new topic, so you will get a better response. Please do not ask questions about your own solutions on another poster’s thread.

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Thank you! This is what i’ve tried, but it doesn’t really matter what I type, because I’m not getting any response from the page.

function Animal() { } = function() { console.log("nom nom nom"); };

function Dog() { }

// Add your code below this line
Dog.prototype = Object.create(Animal.prototype);
Dog.prototype.constructor = Dog;
Dog.bark() = function() {

// Add your code above this line

let beagle = new Dog();; // Should print "nom nom nom"
beagle.bark(); // Should print "Woof!"