Javascript Algorithm help please

Hey guys. I have almost completed the intermediate algorithm section of javascript however I am not confortable with my algorithm solving skills because I had to look up a lot of the solutions and google a lot. Is there a course or a book that will help me with solving algorithm problems better.


That’s the only thing that can strengthen your problem-solving skills.
Search for coding challenges on Google , start with the easier ones.

ProjectEuler might be a good place to start.

Try Codeforces, questions there are rated by their difficulty level, overall it’s very sophisticated.

Note - It’s a competitive coding site, but it’s a sureshot at improving your problem-solving skills.

Any further queries are welcome!



my suggestions for practice are


[Codewars] and hackerrank(

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I heard the book Introduction to Algorithms, 3Ed. (International Edition) (The MIT Press) is good very good.

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It’s a great book but I won’t personally recommend this book for a beginner.

It’s too theoretical. It can be taken as a refernce book though.

My personal recommendation would be :

“Data Structures and Algorithms Made Easy: Data Structures and Algorithmic Puzzles” by Narasimha Karumanchi

(It contains some typos, beware of them. Otherwise it’s a good book)

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I have this book at home but actually I didn’t the explanations good for beginners…

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