JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Projects - Telephone Number Validator

And I am super lost on using the tools…

you don’t have to use the online tools. they are meant to help but if they are not, then you don’t have to.

Here’s another one that may be easier for you

So, I had to copy all of the tests into the test string box?

You can but you can also just copy one specific string at a time.

I’m not exactly sure if this would work, any other tools that could work? Because I’m not sure it’ll work.

i don’t have any other tool suggestions at the moment.

The tools all work for me…

What about this?

I’m not sure what you are asking me? (use any tool you like or don’t, it is up to you entirely)

I’m not sure this is helping me at all…

I may be missing something…
But I’m not sure…
I am autistic after all…

I’m just going to reupload the question and see if I get any responses from fellow users. Thanks for trying to help, by the way.

Do not make a duplicate post.

Thank you

Oh… I see… Sorry… How do I delete it?

I think you are not asking the right question. Try to see why your pattern allows single parentheses. (That is the real issue right?)

The tool’s job is to help you see why your pattern is allowing the wrong thing…

Ps. You can flag the topic for deletion if you still want that.

Yes, that is the issue. That is why I am having trouble.

I flagged my duplicate post for deletion. Also, yes, my pattern allows single parentheses. That is the real issue.

Is anyone there? I’m still stuck on this problem.

Anyone still looking at this question?

Here is another tip.
On a forum like this, asking a specific question gets more answers.
For eg, have you made any progress identifying why your pattern is failing? Have you tried something that you learned for eg (maybe a look ahead? Or some other strategy?)

We cannot do this for you. You have to try and either go back and try a new strategy or try to fix this one.

Since this is a project you should be solving as much of this on your own, only asking for help when you are truly stuck. Like said above, ask better and more specific questions for the problems you are having, tell us what you have tried, and people will try and point you in a direction to help you out. I would suggest going back to the regex portion and seeing if you can apply some of that here. regex 101 helps me personally, because it point out what my regex is doing in the upper right, and has some very good explanations in the quick reference.