JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures - Regular Expressions - Check For Mixed Grouping of Characters Test expects not the described string

Hi there,

Today I was diving into this block of the course

An it looks the expected output the test expects is not the described by the exercise.

Not sure if this is done on purpose but in case not, here I would like to report this :stuck_out_tongue:

In case I find something else in the futre. Is it possible to open a PR on github for those kind of fixes ? If yes, what is the procedure I should follow ?

Thanks !

…and it should make concessions for middle name.

it’s the last part of that sentence, is it not clear?

once the forum has confirmed it is a bug you can open an issue so it can be discussed on how to fix and then a PR.

oh , you’re absolutly right…
My bad, I probably miss read that part.

Thank you and sorry for the missunderstanding :slight_smile:

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