JavaScript and Other languages, advice

Hello Everyone,

I got a Twitter Code Challenge of three problems for internship…I could solve one that had JavaScript as an option…and I could’ve solved the other two but then I wasn’t allowed to use JavaScript (I have realized most problems don’t allow JS…just C/C++, Java, Python…the big names). Should I start to learn another language without having mastered JavaScript yet, OR I need to FIRST be proficient in JavaScript. P.S. I’m afraid starting another language can make me lose focus and even derail my progress in JavaScript…And I would end up without that language and JavaScript itself.

Happy coding :slight_smile:

From what I’ve read so far, I think most experienced developers (including freeCodeCamp’s founder Quincy Larson) would recommend sticking with one language until you feel reasonably familiar with it. Once you have acquired a decent mastery of your first language, it is relatively easy to switch to a new one.

Hopping around too much while you are still relatively new to programming might indeed be detrimental to your progress IMO. But that is just a subjective opinion.

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