Javascript basic

How to start learning Javascript in a step by step manner?

One way would be through the FCC curriculum :slight_smile:

Just make sure that you understand everything you are doing. Because sometimes solving a challenge is merely copy pasting the example. Don’t do this without understanding why. I think that’s the biggest tip I can give you. Be critical and just dive in.

Most tutorials are in a step by step manner. As @Tomvbe pointed out freecodecamp is right here in front of you and very effective, is there sometime about its teaching you don’t like? I know a lot of other resources so if you can tell me more about what you’re looking for I can be more specific in my recommendation.

My advice is to use FCC as your main resource because if you’re stuck you can just come here and ask questions. Supplement FCC with and that’s all you’d need for now, but if you do want more –
There’s a premium section but don’t worry, just do the free tier as you will learn A LOT as a beginner. One of the best teachers out there in my opinion.

The learning paths from Mozilla are high quality.

And if you’re willing to spend some money, I highly recommend this Udemy course