Javascript Bot Issue: Repeated Appointments and No E-mails

I am having an issue with the javascript bot I am trying to run. It seems to be repeatedly mentioning the same appointments, and I’m not sure how to skip them. Here is the link to the github page for the bot: GitHub - johanarnor/dental-bot: Scrapes after last minute examinations.

The output in the console is as follows:

fetchAppointments: 21.952s
already seen ba2df10eeaf4c645eeaf811af6891e9d skipping
already seen b5ab8b03a2b31145ef71bfc304b44f4e skipping

Additionally, I am not receiving any e-mails when the bot finds an appointment. The saved appointment that is being logged is:

{"id":"b5ab8b03a2b31145ef71bfc304b44f4e","createdAt":"2022-12-22T16:39:39.511Z","description":"Borttagning mindre mängd tandsten - Sista minuten","clinic":"Jakobsberg","startTime":"2022-12-23T10:10:00.000Z"}

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. If it helps, I can provide the logs of the application that is running on Thank you in advance for any help.

I tried running the javascript bot as per the instructions in the github page and expected the bot to find and save appointments without repeating the same ones and to send me an e-mail notification when it finds an appointment. However, the bot keeps mentioning the same appointments and I am not receiving any e-mails.

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