JavaScript Calculator code review/critique

First of all, this is my first post so I just want to say hi! I know I’m supposed to introduce myself in another post so I will do that soon.

I’ve made it quite a ways in FCC and am very happy with the course so far. I’ve learned a lot and gotten a couple of really cool projects under my belt (with more to come).

That being said, this JavaScript Calculator is probably the biggest application I’ve ever undertaken in JavaScript and so I’m curious to see what others think of it. It’s not perfect by any means, but I’m mainly interested in seeing if what I have at this point, having completed the User Story requirements, is any good.

Please take a look at my project on CodePen and let me know what you think. Whatever feedback anyone may have, big or small, is greatly appreciated.


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plain, simple and to the point. I like it and think you should keep up the steady work! also, welcome to FCC forum :relaxed:


Well done! Every project will be your biggest, at least until you get to the Data Viz. section (D3 can be complicated, but it’s terse). Looking forward to seeing more!

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