JavaScript Calculator Feedback Required guys please

Hey there,
Looking good, I like the effect when you hover over the buttons (but it might be a bit too slow and fancy for a calculator)
I like the colors and style, it looks polished (and I loved the “have a nice day” message )

Looking at the code I didn’t see anything too confusing, I’d try to break up some of your functions up as they tend to get kinda long also doing a lot of “if” checks might not be the best way to approach this. (maybe you could split out a clear function which just clears all values, it seems like you end up calling some version of that often)

Also since I’ve been working on this project recently I noticed a few edge cases that tripped me up. You allow multiple decimal points, you allow division by 0 and there doesn’t seem to be any limit if I enter a lot of numbers.

Outside of these, everything I threw at it seemed to work. Good job, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback…