JavaScript Calculator tests failing, not all tests running?

Hi! I was working on the JavaScript Calculator project for the Front End Development certification and my project suddenly went from passing several of the tests to passing zero.

The details about the tests don’t really help me either–it only shows three things, and they aren’t the tests. I’m sure they mean something, but I can’t figure it out. Is there anything I’m doing in my code that broke the test? I copied some extra info below.


Screenshot (copied text below as well):

1. “before each” hook

var t=this,a=arguments;return new Promise((function(n,o){var i=e.apply(t,a);function s(e){r(i,n,o,s,u,"next",e)}function u(e){r(i,n,o,s,u,"throw",e)}s(void 0)}))

2. “after all” hook in “Calculator tests”


3. “after all” hook in “Calculator tests”


You are logging a variable that doesn’t exist.


Edit: I would suggest coding this in a proper environment, e.g. VS Code using a Vite React template. Then when you have finished coding it, copy it to some online editor (I would suggest StackBlitz/CodeSandbox and not Codepen) or host it on something like Vercel or Netlify.

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OMG THANKS!!! :astonished: I appreciate the help.

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