JavaScript Certificate Not issued

My Name is Shubham Sharma. I have completed JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification, solved all the problems and also completed the last five projects on 25 September 2020.

I have not found any javascript certificate on my freeCodeCamp portfolio site.
You can see here
Shubham Sharma portfolio

Today is 29 september 2020, so
I want to know the reason why the certificate issue work is too late and not issued yet. if you have any solution regarding this, contact me on email

my email id is ---- <redacted>

here Iā€™m posting a screenshot of all projects that are completed.

Hello and welcome to the freeCodeCamp community~!

You need to go to your account settings to claim your certificate. Before you can do so, you also need to agree to the Academy Honesty Pledge.

To make your certificate appear in your profile, you need to have your profile set to public.

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thank you for help
certificate claimed