Javascript Certification Flow


Just curious if others who have gone through the Javascript certification found the flow to be off? I had little/no issues going in order during the responsive web design cert and even basic JS. Now that I’m in ES6, I’m finding that the background knowledge I have at any given challenge is lacking. It almost seems like I should go through “Functional Programming” before “ES6”.

Is it just me?

I felt the same way, but struggled through it anyway, there will be thing you need to learn outside of free code camp.

The next major curriculum change for FCC is in development:

I saw that thread. I didn’t see what would happen to the progress we have already made within each certification. Kinda curious if you’ve seen anything relating to how it affects current campers…

I did end up stopping about halfway through the ES6 set and moved on to other Javascript sections and it feels much better. I’ll return to ES6 when I have a better grasp of the foundations.

It would be nice if it started with ES6, as it is the standard now. Its almost like you learn this thing, and then you have to go back and learn the right way to use the thing.

The issue for me was that the ES6 curriculum referenced a lot of elements we haven’t been introduced to. Placing it before the Basic JS would have made it impossible for me. After going through Basic Data Structures and Functional Programming, the ES6 is slightly more clear.

Historically, if you have already completed certificates, you still have those certificates and projects have been similar enough to require very little additional work if you are part way through them.

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