Javascript certticate

if i finish the javascript alogrothim and data struce course should i repeat the whole course again so that i can have more better fundation in javascript… and advice is you finihs the basice javacript in free code camp should you keep on repeating it again

I don’t think that repeating all the lessons that you just completed will gain you much. I suggest continuing forward instead of going backward.

This is my opinion so take it with a grain of salt. I personally prefer going on with the course and doing things outside of the curriculum (such as working on your own projects) and then after some time you can always come back to going through and rehashing on some of the fundamentals.

Though don’t get caught up on feeling like you have to remember everything, best thing to do as a beginner is just do as much as you can on your own!

after completing the course can you still working of project while still revising …

When learning new concepts I repeat, repeat, repeat…
After I understand a concept I can solve lessons very fast (less than a minute or so).

When learning algorithms I think about optimal solution. After solving the lesson, I revisit sometimes to check if I can think about a better solution and rewrite only if i found a better way, because it is too time-consuming.

Spaced repetition is a good way to retain knowledge.

but even someone have complete the fundemential do you advice for them to always revise there basic because the topic is too much may be you can forget and it will not be easy to remeber all the topic

Ask yourself this: how often do you need to repeat high-school math?
What about elementary school math?

This is similar.
After a while you cant forget some things.

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