JavaScript clone problem


I am learning to clone any website or webpage to understand how the code works and for the moment I only have issues with this webpage( .

I am using Google Chrome with Dev Tools to copy all source code, but the problem is that the page does not load all the content only the top navbar and I think the problem is the Javascript because the scripts does not work/start, I don’t know for sure. Can anyone please help me ? Just clone the webpage and let me know what is the problem here.

I will wait for answers. Thank you

it may be that the content is dynamically generated using a framework based on database content so you are unable to copy the whole content like that

You need to follow all the links on the page and load in the content, possibly using something like Selenium or Puppeteer. ie recursively walk over every internal link to a certain depth to build up a tree of HTML. It’s not a webpage, it’s a JS application that is presented in a webpage that loads data in when needed. You will never be able to clone the whole thing properly simply because getting at it recursively would cause too much data to be loaded for it to be even close to feasible. Also most of what is there at surface level is hidden from you, obfuscated by build processes and/or reliant on backend processes you cannot access,

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Thank you for your answers. I’ve successfully clone the webpage with HTML and CSS, and I think probably I will need to code the javascript manually in my local files so the page can work properly. Thank again for you answers