JavaScript curriculum advice

Does 300 hours of JavaScript algorithms and data structure curriculum of FreeCodeCamp have everything you need to learn in JavaScript? Except React or Angular. They have separate curriculum.

if No? what are the other topics that needs to be covered to be a job-ready JavaScript developer?

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The quick, simple answer is: Yes
Expanding on that: The curriculum was designed knowing it would not cover every aspect of JavaScript, but would give campers a solid footing on the syntax, whilst providing some programming skills (algorithm/problem solving ability). So, that is why the curriculum mantra is “Read-Search-Ask”.

You are expected to do your own research based on the curriculum, whilst also being able to gain the necessary knowledge to learn by yourself/with other tutorials.

This depends on the job.

Something that is not covered in the curriculum that many users encounter elsewhere is native JavaScript DOM manipulation. This is essentially what jQuery does, just not natively.

Most junior roles look more for programming skills, and general library familiarity, than for specific expertise.

Hope this helps

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