JavaScript Deep Focus (and why I deleted and reset my Codecademy account)

It’s all about… PRACTICE!

I’ve been in FCC for quite some time and going through focus through this guide:

As I gotten deeper into JavaScript through You Don’t Know JavaScript (YDKJS) Book Series, I’m in need of further practice as I’m starting to think even more in pseudocode to code after going through the Practice side from within YDKJS first book and am currently stuck within “Closure” section of the same book at this time (reading deep about it in YDKJS Scope and Closure).

Somewhere along the lines, I’ve heard repetition is the key. And I’m there as I’m currently stuck at the same time for I thought:

Prior to that I’ve been on Codecademy’s JavaScript course when I was going through The Odin Project studies. I still go back there for reference of what I’ve done so far and I may go further in it via their projects as I become a better coder. Then it hit me. I’m like “wait I still need practice and learn Objects as well from within Codecademy course” (to finalize the course). But going through it I was going in slow motion (normal for learning for the first time) and I was compelled to reset codes from prior JS course within Codecademy to go over the basics of JavaScript again. That was taking too long, so I simply made the choice to delete my account and go through a do over.

I feel I made a great decision on what I did, reason being:

I’m seeing the pseudocode easily in HTML/CSS as I’m looking over websites I like (and look forward to create); then there is the interactive parts that may not be with the use of CSS, but with the use of Javascript; another reason I decided to step back to the basics.

I know there are challenges within websites to reinforce my knowledge as well, but as I did research here and there, I was told to get back to the basics to know it deeper (practically), for when creating deeper within functions for example, the basics should come faster; and I foresaw that within Codecademy, for they have the left side panel that tells you what you need to create. I started creating with barely looking over that left side panel. I was also told same rules apply as you reach higher levels of code even. Another way of reinforcement is to teach what you know.

I also plan on doing this with old project I’ve done based on books that go step by step; this time without looking at the steps, but comparing my work with the books own, like the first Practice within YDKJS. And of course this time with a higher level of code skills.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Who knows, maybe you’ve gone through similar direction.

So now I’m doing the second mini Project in Codecademy. This time writing out the pseudocode - code before starting to create the code, based on the details of the game Rock Paper Scissors. I wont spoil it for others by saying anything else about it.

The first mini project was kind of step by step without an intro “instructions with thoughts of the end in mind”.

Another reason for my do over - Cleaner notes to study off of and for future reference (.js files with comments of instructions (left hand panel) and code).

I’ll be continuing this journey in addition to going over YDKJS series as I get into better understanding of JavaScript. Stay tuned.