Javascript doesnt seem to activate on my page at all

I am very new to javascript so I am assuming that it is a simple error I over looked. I am trying to make a simple rock paper scissors app but whenever I load the page it doesnt seem to even load it. My script tag is in place, it references the correct filepath.

The error log references a few errors but I dont seem to see how it can work with out the statement its referring to. Honestly at first it was a script blocker running on chrome that stopped it but even incognito it doenst seem to run.

I’m not on my pc so can’t fully debug
but you have an error from this line:
userchoice.innerHTML = userChosen
as userchoice is not defined

This is actually much sloppier than I had originally thought. Its missing an entire line of code from the copy paste. Thanks for taking a look.