Javascript For-loop

Hi Techiee,

I have 100 number of paragraph binding from database to Html code using List in mvc.But Inside each Paragraph i need to give one Br tag.Where the one sentence finished.

Here i attached my code and javascript.

But My code will give the Br tag for First paragraph.Rest of 99 paragraph Br tag is not taking it, Any Solution for it.


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<body onload="myFunction()"> 

 @foreach (ImgViewModel ourteamdesc in Model.OurTeamDesc)


<div id="demo" >






function myFunction() {

var str = document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML;

var res = str.split(".").join("<br />");

document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = res;





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there is no need to create new javascript function to manipuate the DOM, since you are using an MVC framework, look at the prebuild features of the framework.
In the foreach block you are looping throw a list , but you are not using there elements in the core of your code.
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