JavaScript framework for implement beautiful UI Design

Hi folks! Currently, I’m 17 yo and I’m learning to be a Fullstack Designer. I’ve done ( not completely yet ) with a CSS framework like bootstrap, Javascript fundamentals and finished my static portfolio.

Now, I wanna move to js framework but I’m confused enough which one should I learn, I wanna make things like dynamic UI & full of interaction but friendly enough to learn for a beginner.

Blockquote example thing that I wanna develop

I have read a lot of articles on the internet that AngularJs who really suitable for this, but then I talked to my teacher and senior on my local community, and then they told me that in my local region, jobs opportunity for Angular is less than other developers like MERN or MEVN Stack. and why angular is not so popular as its rivals?

What do you think? I hope you can give me some advice. Thank you So Much!

From what i’ve got from your post is that you want create interactive websites as seamless ui and ux as it’s main motive. So if i have to give you an advice i will recommend you not to go fullstack for now and rather focus on javascript. All the things you have seen in that dribble ui it all can be achieved using javascript. And as for a framework , i will recommend using react as it has zero config set up so you can just focus on main ui rather than setting up bundle stuff like webpack and babel. btw MERN and MEVN both comes under frontend development . I would call someone fullstack when they have much knowledge on languages like ruby on rails and python and could create scalable web apps from scratch.

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popularity of a language or framework depends completely on the region, there is not really a reason other than maybe a company started one way and the other nearby followed.

if you want you can learn React in the freecodecamp curriculum

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Just one point to add, learn whatever framework looks sensible to you, Angular, React, Vue, etc.

But don’t learn AngularJS (note the JS).

Angular v2 (known as Angular) replaced AngularJS (highest version was 1.5) and pretty much changed the way Angular worked.

There are still opportunities for people that know the original AngularJS, but it would be an odd first framework for someone to learn in 2019.


I don’t know much about Angular. I believe it is more “kitchen sink” and a pretty opinionated framework. I think you will see it used more often for large scale “corporate” stuff. The current popularity or lack there off is both for historical reasons and I’m guessing just how you work with it compared to React/Vue.

There are some differences between countries, but you can’t go wrong with learning React. Anyway, if you are proficient in one framework, learning a different one will come easier.

@RocktimSaikia MERN (MongoDB, Express, React/Redux, Node.js) is close to full-stack. All that is missing is some DevOp and maybe Mobile development. That is if you are to believe what most articles seem to deem to be full-stack. I don’t know why you think you have to use Ruby on Rails or Python?


Personally, I would learn vanilla JavaScript before turning to frameworks. Same way I would learn plain CSS before using Bootstrap. But that’s just my opinion.

I think you meant Fullstack Developer not Designer. I strongly advise learning CSS3 with flexbox and how JavaScript works first before moving on to frameworks and full stack development. In particular the good parts of JS and how to avoid the bad parts left over from earlier versions. The reason is you will get a deeper understanding of your code, how to fix obscure errors and be better equipped to fix them when you’re on a deadline. There are a lot of template driven website generators that are designed for newbies but they won’t teach you how to be a better programmer.

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