Javascript function game

Heyy,I need help creating a javascript function without using arrays. Where the user needs to input a determined speed (S) at which a bird flies and then the distance to a determined tree (T) (for example T=13) If the user inputs 4, the bird flies for 4 miles 4 times ( for example if T=4, it lands on that tree), then it flies 3 miles 3 times, then 2 miles 2 meters and so on until 0. What i need to now is if the bird lands on the tree the user entered. I know I need to begin creating a

`function treeland (T,S)` {
let T= prompt("Enter T")
let S = prompt ("Enter S")
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How does a bird fly? Can you describe that again please?

When the user enters a number the birds flies for example if the user enters two and it begin in cero the bird will land on tree 2,4 and 5 another example can be if it enters 3 it will land on tree 3,6,9,11,13,14

Ok, so you have an example. In order to start turning that into code, we need to write it a bit more generally.

If I get a speed of n, what will my first n distances be?

n, n+n, n+n+n for example

Right, and how many times do you do this?

As many as the user enters, if it enters 4 the bird lands on 4,8,12,16,19,22,25,27,29,30

Ok, so how much do you know about loops? Could you make a loop to print out the just the first n values if a user enters n?

I know about for loops

Cool, then could you make a loop to print out the just the first n values if a user enters n? This would be the first step in your solution.

for (let i=0;n>0;(n+n)*n)

I’m not sure that I understand your loop exit condition. And your loop body appears to be missing. You’ll need to put something in the loop body. For now I’d just log i.

I dont understand what you mean sorry

for (let i=0;n>0;(n+n)*n)

This loop won’t run correctly. The exit condition and iterator is malformed, and there is no loop body.

for (let i = 0; /* exit condition */; /* iterator update */;) {
  // loop body

for (let i=0; n*n ; n+n)

n*n isn’t an exit condition, and n+n isn’t an iterator update. Here is a sample loop with valid syntax.

let n = 5;

// Loop head
//   Initalize;  Test; Update;
for (let i = 0; i < n; i = i+1;) {
  // Loop body

This loop will iterate from i = 0 to i = n - 1 and print i on each iteration.

Thank you but I need the bird to fly at a speed and then determine if it lands on the tree

Right. So you will need to understand how to make a loop in order to be able to do so. Can you modify my loop to make it start at i = n and print i but increase by n each time and stop when i > n*n?