Javascript Glossary Test- try out your knowledge, feedback welcome

A Javascript terminology test you can try out your knowledge on!

I made this non-FCC test to improve at both basic web page design and basic Javascript terminology. The number of times I write JS and really never think: this is a statement / expression / method / argument! Let me know if you see errors or places for improvement.

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Some feedback: I loved it. It’s simple, lightweighted and reminded me of some terminology long forgotten.

Nitpicking, my only criticism would be at the argument “level”, there’s a big white space ('argument' display:hidden) and then there’s below the selector for argument and the other 2 options. Maybe you could multiply the selector for both occurrences instead of leaving the first occurrence of ‘argument’ hidden?

Also, your definition of statement is: “Statements: The statements comprising the body of the function.” This seems circular, maybe you could expand on it, saying “a statement is composed by expressions” etc.

Maybe you could also move the ‘function declaration’ example upwards (it is now located below the ‘function expression’ definition, which I find a misleading position), but this is for you to decide according to your taste.

This is not a worthy criticism, but there’s not much to criticize.


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Great stuff, thanks for the comprehensive feedback JJ :slight_smile:

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