Javascript help... Something is wrong with my code

Hello everyone… I am having some trouble with my javascript code. I have no idea what is wrong but when I click my buttons to output data nothing happens. I checked over everything and also tried reviewing the solutions from the blackboard from my class. Maybe there is a small mistake somewhere that is causing this."

At first pass, your for statement on line 72 is a bit funky…
for (i = 0;) i < theStr.length; i++) {

I know it is strange because there is so much of an easier way to code it but she told me I am doing it wrong. This is her solution.

@8-up has pointed out a bug that stopped it running on my computer. Count the parentheses…

When I fixed that bug, I noticed that a couple of your functions seemed not to do what they are supposed to.

This part:
The information the user entered with all vowels (a, e, i, o, u), spaces, and non-alphanumeric characters removed:

Doesn’t show me anything when I enter hello@world as a string. I was expecting it to return hllwrld

Also, the magic button doesn’t do anything.

Fix up the minor bug first (line 72) and then try to figure out these other ones.